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Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dawning is the ethereal and translucent work of Aaron Senor. Melding the hooks of pop with dreamlike shoegaze rock, Dawning’s north star has always been taking anyone willing on the wide-eyed journey to somewhere else. From the dark royalty of “Coronation” (2018) to the alluring channels of “Liturgy” (2020), Senor has carved out a space all his own in Michigan music, and that’s in no small part due to the live production he’s created. Dawning is a solo project, but the expansive wall of sound created in a live show full of soaring synthesizers, gentle vocals that can blend into a mandate at a moment’s notice, and energy that fills up any room, isn’t naturally what we have seen from solo artists in the past. Yet, to stay in the past is to live without discovery, and Dawning is about discovery. It’s all waiting for you. 


Remarking on Dawning’s second single ‘Rose Lights’ (2019), My Multi Track Mind noted, “…nostalgia for this past summer and summers long passed will flood your mind when Aaron Senor’s radiant voice dances with the beautifully bare but well-balanced sound of the acoustic guitar. The at times surprising, always luxurious, all-consuming vocal layers laced in “Rose Lights” will absolutely devour your current reality and transport you to places only you (and those who have been close to you) know.” 


By simultaneously subverting the expected and nodding to the past, Dawning finds a way to stir emotions that are both beautiful and strange.

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